How to Choose the Best Dress for the Occasion

How to Choose the Best Dress for the Occasion

Wedding season is upon us and we know choosing a dress for the occasion can be challenging. At Bride and Jewel we have hundreds of dresses for each and every occasion! We have many prom, bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride, wedding guest dresses and so much more! 

Here are some things to consider-

#1- The Venue- Always ensure you are befitting the venue. No one wants to show up to a gorgeous wedding at the four seasons dressed in formal attire for the beach. Are you a part of the wedding party or a guest? Are you indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, what is the season? If you are attending a wedding on the beach in Florida in July something flowy with a light material like chiffon might be a good idea. Weather your looking for elegant mother of the bride dresses or cute homecoming dresses considering the venue is everything!

#2- The Silhouette- Think about how you want to look and what you feel good wearing. Confidence is key! For me personally I have a little tummy so I prefer something that is flowy on the bottom more so an A-line dress. If you you want to show off all your curves then perhaps a mermaid or fit to flare is more what you are going for. Do you like fabric around your neck then you might want to go with a halter and halters are great for elongating your figure! 

#3- The Fabric- What type of fabric you decide will make a big difference in how you feel. If you are getting married in the summer months consider something light and breathable. No one wants to be on a hot beach in a giant 10 lb dress due to all the layers and type of fabric if thicker. Also I have found travel concerns if you wedding is out of town and you are concerned will my dress wrinkle during travel, if I have to bring it as a carry on and put the garment bag in the overhead compartment? Chiffon will typically wrinkle the most and is also the most common fabric for destination weddings. So having a steamer at the location on standby is key! 


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