Choose the Best Wedding Favors and Gifts

Choose the Best Wedding Favors and Gifts

When selecting wedding favors and gifts what is everyone looking for? Most are looking for the favors or gifts to be not only beautiful and unique but memorable. At Bride and Jewel we have the largest selection of personalized wedding gifts and favors. Wedding party proposal's are the newest trend and we have dozens of items to "purpose".


Bridesmaid Gifts- Uniqueness is important when looking for a wedding gift or shopping for a bridesmaids gift. The newest trend is proposing to your prospective wedding party a gift of "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" Whether it be a personalized bracelet with their initials, personalized robes, a tumbler with their names, a beach towel with their name on it or a gift box that says "Will you be my maid of honor?" It really makes the wedding party participant feel more engaged and special to be selected for such a event. Make it something that they will enjoy, that fits their personality but yet encompasses your wedding.

Wedding Favors- Every bride wants her family and friends to look back on her special day and remember key special details that stand out. One of the biggest ways to make this impact that wont break the bank is to have personalized wedding favors. The more unique the better! One of my favorites we have is our personalized wood slices with the couples name or initials and date that can be used as a coaster or as a magnet for the fridge. Or even candles with the couples name and wedding date make a great gift!

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