Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions-

-Do we have bridesmaid dresses- No we do not, however, we do have evening and prom gowns and some of those gowns can be used for bridesmaids if they are available with the designer. And you would schedule a regular prom/evening gown appointment per person.

-Do we have an inhouse seamstress?-No, we do not. However, we do have a few excellent recommendations. 

-What are our price ranges?- Off the rack bridal is currently $400-$2100 and orderable wedding gowns $999-$3200. Prom is $99.00 to $1200.00

-What sizes do we have?- We currently have wedding gown sample sizes 6-26W and we can order up to a size 28 for Moonlight, 30 for both Moonlight and Evelyn. Off the rack we carry sizes 6 to 24. Prom we carry sizes 00 to 26W.

-Number of guests allowed?- We allow up to 5 guests for bridal appointments, and up to 6 for Sunday VIP bridal appointments. For prom only 1 guest. 

-What designers do we carry?- For orderable wedding gowns we carry Allure Couture, Evelyn and Moonlight (3 lines-Moonlight Collection, Moonlight Tango and Moonlight Couture). For off the rack bridal we carry a wide range of designers. For Prom we carry multiple designers and sell both off the rack and orderable.