How to Measure

  1. How do I measure?
  • It is best to have a professional seamstress/tailor take your measurements. If a professional is not available have a family member or friend measure you.
  • We advise to not take your own measurements as they may not be accurate. 
  • If possible get measured wearing the exact undergarments you will wear with your gown, slip, bra & shoes.
  • You will be taking three measurements: bust, waist, and hip.
  • Use a standard cloth measuring tape, this is vital. Do not pull the tape tightly, hold it just tight enough to hold it in place.

Bust Measurement

Start with the measuring tape under your arms. Stand straight with your heels together and your arms down at your side. Position the measuring tape so that it covers the widest part of your back and the fullest part of your bust. Write the measurement down.
Waist Measurement

Stand straight, heels together and bend to your side. The bend is your natural waist. Stand straight and keep your heels together. Position the measuring tape around your natural waist. Write the measurement down.
Hip Measurement

Stand straight with your heels together and your arms down at your side. Position the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips. Write the measurement down.

Hollow to Hem

Most dresses come with a standard length measurement, but some designers offer a custom hollow-to-hem. Your hollow-to-hem measurement is determined by measuring from the center of your collarbone (hollow) to the bottom (hem) of your dress. We highly recommend that you have a formal wear professional perform this measurement as it can be a bit tricky.

It’s very important that you wear shoes with a similar heel height to those you will be wearing with your gown.

Selecting Your Size

Compare your measurements to the designer's size chart that applies to your item in the listing itself. The designer's chart shows the approximate measurements that are used to make each size.
If your measurements do not match all three measurements exactly, this is normal. Designers suggest going with the largest size that matches your largest measurement. Remember a gown can be taken in, but taking a gown out will depend on the extra fabric in the seam. Almost all gowns/dresses will require some alterations.